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Hello guys, I am S.Srinivasan graduated in Business Administration in the year year 1982. In 1986, I bought my I first IBM compatible computer and started to learn computer programming and established a software company. By 2000, I had already implemented softwares for more than hundred business establishments and over hundred cooperative banks in Tamilnadu. Internet came to India in 1995. I started to learn about Internet. On August 15 and 16, 1998 I conducted an Workshop on the usage of Internet for the people of Sivakasi about the benefit of trade and commerce. Also conducted programs about Internet in Colleges and Clubs. I registered my first domain fataka.com through a web developer and asked him to develop a website for my company. Before he could develop and launch the website, the domain name expired. When researched I came to know that the name was already registered by somebody else and he demanded Rs.15000 to part with the domain name which I could not afford at that time. Although I left the software development business in 2002, my interest on developing web based business never declined. I accumulated through several registrars, hundreds of domains on the dream of development. The Net4.in India's biggest domain registrar and hosting provider with whom I registered majority of my domains collapsed and lost several domains due to delay in renewals. There were lot of problems when I wanted to transfer a domain from one registrar to other registrar. Methodology was difficult to comprehend initially. Keeping the domain name with one registrar and hosting the site with other registrar taught invaluable lessons. Some registrars, offer less than the industry standard rate for the first year but choke your neck when you go for renewal next year. Many registrars reduce the new registration price substantially and cover their shortfall in their hosting plans. Over these years, I learnt the nitty gritty of domain registration business and became the Nixi accredited domain registrar for our country based ccTlds such as .in domains. For gTlds .com, .net, .org, .info, .xyz, or .me or any other extensions we work with several ICANN accredited registrars Open Provider, Connect Reseller and Reseller Club. I hope to alleviate the problems I encountered in domain buying and using and hope to provide a hassle-free experience and transparent pricing for my customers.

At DOMAINSFORT, we strive to do the best we and give more facilities at the low price and the best quality. However, if any one tries to misuse our services, then we take action against them immediately.

DOMAINSFORT has the rights to discontinue services or deny access to anyone who violates our Terms and Conditions shown below without warning or prior notice. In such a case, the amount received from the violating party will not be refundable if the account termination is due to violation of any of terms and conditions outlined below:-

Domain Name is a Virtual Asset

Welcome to DOMAINSFORT.com. We are Accredited .IN Registrar providing domain registration and website hosting service at an affordable cost. It is the right place to host your website and register a domain for your website. DOMAINSFORT.com have integrated and secured hosting environment for all types website hosting needs. Our web hosting packages are basically configured as per your requirements. You may also register a new domain name or transfer your domain to our hosting servers. We suggest to take a look at our low cost domain and web hosting packages.

An "IN" for Every Indian :

The lockdown has left the world topsy-turvy. Two phrases 'online' and 'workfromhome' have become ubiquiteous. People have realised that our future business, be it sale of a product, rendering of service, doing a job or undergoing personal development course etc will be mostly handled through websites. The gateway to the website establishment and success is the possession of a good domain name. If you feel that 'what is in it?' I can get a domain name easily registered for few hundreds of Rupees tomorrow morning, you are at loss. Most of the good and potentially attractive domain names with omnipotent .com extension are already registered and are put into use or being developed, or registered and kept idle by various business establishments to prevent potential competition or most importantly a lion's share of the .com domain names are in the hands of domain name investors. The end of the tunnel is seen for short and potentially attractive .com domain names. Ends are not bad things, they just mean that something else is about to begin. If your operations are confined to India there is no need have .com domain name. Moreover the world has started search 'anything.in' besides 'anything.com'. This is evidently proved by several .in domain name acquisitions at a premium price which I came across in the last one year in the domain investors discussion groups and domain aftermarket sites, the elaboration of which is beyond the scope of this article. People who want to have an edge in their business or personal development well ahead of others will rise to the occasion and secure the .in domain name of their choice before someone grabs it. Now comes the question 'how someone registering a domain name can fetch me an earning? I won't promise you sun or moon. You can opt to work as a marketing affiliate for our domain registration business. Domain registration though not a luracative way of earning money will provide you a handful of secondary income if you are a computer savy and possess little knowledge about the importance of domain names. If you are a good marketier and can enlighten the people about the importance of domain names more particularly .in domains you can easily earn anywhere between Rs.3000 to Rs.5000 per month sitting in home sharing the teaser videos we provide, besides reaping you a new world of experience and accessing better opportunities in future.