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Hello guys, I am S.Srinivasan graduated in Business Administration in the year year 1982. In 1986, I bought my I first IBM compatible computer and started to learn computer programming and established a software company. By 2000, I had already implemented softwares for more than hundred business establishments and over hundred cooperative banks in Tamilnadu. Int On August 15 and 16, 1998 I conducted an Workshop on the usage of Internet for the people of Sivakasi about the benefit of trade and commerce. Also conducted programs about Internet in Colleges and Clubs. I registered my first domain through a web developer and asked him to develop a website for my company. Before he could develop and launch the website, the domain name expired. When researched I came to know that the name was already registered by somebody else and he demanded Rs.15000 to part with the domain name which I could not afford at that time. Although I left the software development business in 2002, my interest on developing web based business never declined. I accumulated through several registrars, hundreds of domains on the dream of development. Over these years, I learnt the nitty gritty of domain registration business and became the Nixi accredited domain registrar for our country based ccTlds such as .in domains. For gTlds .com, .net, .org, .info, .xyz, or .me or any other extensions we work with several ICANN accredited registrars Open Provider, Connect Reseller and Reseller Club. I hope to alleviate the problems I encountered in domain buying and using and hope to provide a hassle-free experience and transparent pricing for my customers.

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You may be well known in your family and in your friends circle and in your town too, to some extent but if you want the world to know you, you need to have a website in your name. With a strong profile in your website, you can get a good job easily, you can get your talent sold. You can tell who you are, to the world. You can improve your brand image also and establish yourself as a unique identity in the world. Whether you are an individual or a company doing business, the profiles you keep in Facebook Instagram and LinkedIn may fade away when new social media platforms emerge. But a website in your name will be stable for the next few decades. Most of the good and potentially attractive domain names with .com extension are already registered. Several millions of the domains are already launched as websites. Millions of domain names are kept by companies to prevent potential competition. You may be surprised to know that still millions of the .com domain names are in the hands of domain name investors. A good .com domain name now may cost several hundreds of dollars. But don't worry, If your operations are confined to India there is no need have .com domain name. World wide there is increase in demand for .in domains. Domain names are alloted on first come first served basis. Like me there can be hundreds of Sanu but only the first Sanu who registers can get This is the case for company and product names names also. You may dream to start a business after two or three years but you may not get a good domain name by then. Let us proclaim to the world that we are a proud Indian by having a .in domain than any other extension.

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The lockdown has turned the world upside down. Words 'online' and 'workfromhome' have become an integral part of our life. We realise that, in future, our life and business will be fully dependant on web. More and more business will go online establishing websites. The first step to establish a website is buying a domain name. General public is of the opinion that .com is the best domain extension available. Most valuable, easily pronounceable and short domain names have already been booked by companies. Millions of domains are in the hands of domain name investors. It is impossible to find a good and attractive .com domain name now. To solve this problem ICANN the controlling authority for domain naming system has introduced more than 1200 new domains extensions like .doctor, .dentist, .lawyer, .engineer,, and .shop. Several European countries and Asian countries like China and Japan have started adopting this new domain extensions. If your business operations are restricted to India we may choose .in domain extensions. The demand for .in domain names is also increasing day by day. We are an NIXI accredited domain registration company with rich experience in domain registration. The digital adaption is going to see a hectic hike in the near future and we want you to utilize this opportunity to work as a Reseller/Affiliate for our company. If you are capable, you easily can earn a commission upto Rs.10,000 per month with least investment. WhatsApp for further details - 786 789 1000

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Welcome to We are Accredited .IN Registrar providing domain registration and website hosting service at an affordable cost. It is the right place to host your website and register a domain for your website. have integrated and secured hosting environment for all types website hosting needs. Our web hosting packages are basically configured as per your requirements. You may also register a new domain name or transfer your domain to our hosting servers. We suggest to take a look at our low cost domain and web hosting packages.